i’m a frame by frame enthusiast WHO directs and animates.
i love bringing MY ANIMATION VOICE TO different PROJECTS and ESPECIALLY TO different styles. i also have an ANIMATION course where i teach traditional animation and I AM OPEN TO GIVE talks and workshops.


for beginners and experienced ae/3d artists looking for a fresh incentive in their careers, in this workshop I present traditional animation principles while helping students on a nice little loop or small animation like a jump, a turn or something that goes from point A to point B.

the focus is to work on a good rough pass, making sure that the students get not just a spark going for frame x frame animation, but also discover and explore a different way to start the animation process, using this rough pass as a timing guide to the final version of the animation, which could then be done in any software.


VP was a 10 intensive day-long workshops, with 3 conference nights and even a mural painting in the centre of Bucharest. I was excited to be invited to give my 2-day workshop and had the pleasure to be among artsits like Malika FavreSteve SimpsonDebbie MillmanMattias AdolfssonYukai DuTobias HallHedofFabrik and BLAU

I definitely feel in love with romania after I was so well received by the incredibly nice people behind the event, not to mention amazing work that came out of the workshop! thanks a lot for all the stidents and all the visual playground team; special shout out to ioana sopov, for getting in touch; raluca mitarca, for walking us around and Catalin Georgescu, for the great pics below.

poster_visual playground 2017.jpg